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Sinker Heart Pine & Cypress Timber

The recovery and processing of this virgin growth timber is sustainable forestry at its' best. Each sinker log is reclaimed one or two at a time from the bottom of rivers and swamps in the Southern United States. Here they have been beautifully preserved from the original harvest which occured up to two hundred years ago. Many of the pine logs are up to four hundred years old when originally cut and it is not uncommon to recover cypress that was over seven hundred fifty years old when originally felled, much of this being axe cut.

Sinker Pine Lumber - TimbersSinker Heart Pine
Recovered river logs yield products that have unique color, grain and character not found in any other woods. Halm Lumber is a premier supplier of this wood. We offer our sinker pine and cypress as timbers, lumber, or flooring.

Sinker Pine Timber

Sinker Cypress LumberSinker Cypress, Pecky

Sinker Heart Pine LumberOur highest grade of sinker heart pine lumber has nearly 100% heart content with most boards being clear. Available in 4/4 through 12/4 thicknesses.
All of our recovered river timber is graded, sorted, trimmed and end sealed as it comes out of the river.
Sinker Cypress Timber

Sinker Log - TimbersRecovered River, Recovered Log

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